The GIANT SION/ZION TREES of old have been PLANED down on this PLANE(✞) and quarried.


  • Daniel 4:10 Thus were the visions of mine head in my bed; I saw, and behold a tree in the midst of the earth, and the height thereof was great. 11 The tree grew, and was strong, and the height thereof reached unto heaven, and the sight thereof to the end of all the earth.



Knock Knock…Portals…The Tuatha…The Anasazi…And the Lion Men…
Crystals…So many varieties, colors, shapes, sizes…
Qualities…I believe I’ve discussed this before…
All their properties and lore…But I wonder even more…
If they could open a pathway, a door…a portal
To another dimension…hmm.
Now of course the thing about Portals is their location…
Then of course where they go…
Secret places and spaces…But most importantly
At Points of Power.  Now is it just me, or do you
Think that would involve ley lines?  Hint hint.
How much do I have to say?
OK, some more to think about.
These are days of change, and apparently turmoil.
If you read my book you’d find more clues of course.
Long ago, there was an ancient Native American
Indian Tribe in the Southwestern United States …
Who vanished mysteriously…The Anasazi…
Almost as if they went through a Portal.
I bet they knew a lot.
But…if they knew a lot then, they would
Certainly know a lot more now.
So many important legendary societies, even of
Legends and myth have vanished over time.
But you know what they say, there’s truth behind every
Myth…if you could only figure out the Riddle.
The Tuatha, the Anasazi, even the Lion Men…
The Sphinx of Ancient Egypt …
The Mayans, the Mayan Calendar…
If only there was a connection…
Hidden somewhere beneath the Smithsonian…
Or the Vatican , they do so hide a lot.
The Tuatha will unravel this…when they
Come together…as they awaken and seek
Each other out.  Crystals will help that of course,
If they are brave of heart it will give them
The courage they need to do anything.
And then…when they are ready…
The Lines and Light will help them open the Door.
But first, apparently, everyone must undergo the changes.
Something strange has been going on since the moment
2015 began…People are acting strange…
Mood swings, odd, irrational behavior…Those not in
Touch with higher self will act out the most…
More spiritual people will suffer with illnesses of
The physical body…
I’m hoping these things will subside…
If they don’t, it will be up to a select group to
Open the Portal to get the help we need.
The Pulse and the Hum may be the cause of this
Warning us of what’s to come.
While there are several portals to open…to choose
From I should say.  The correct doorway is the Celtic
Portal. I believe because some of the Ancient Tuatha
May be waiting on the other side to come through
To help us.
Timing is of the most importance.
Too much time has passed under the influence
Of Dark Forces and Time Manipulation.
This is evident in the Earth Changes,
Unstable weather, the coming Ice Age…
An even the crazy and hostile behavior we are
I’ve seen far too much of people feeling tormented,
Attacked…not acting like themselves, or of others
Acting just plain crazy.  It’s the Dark Influence
At work…trying to take down as many as
They can.  Don’t give in.
Meditate. Pray. Be at your best always.
Remember if you’re too tired to pray, meditate
For peace…then you can expect Heavenly
Powers to be too tired to remember you
In tough times.
These Portals are a strong foothold of hope.
I know there is one the Lion Men have,
But that’s a secret…
I do know they are not happy with how many
People are giving in to the torment…not finding
Their inner strength to do more good.
Unfortunately, there is nothing I can offer here.
We all make choices…and choosing to do
And be good in spite of everything is a choice.
I know I feel at the end of my rope…
But I also have a few things up my sleeve.
Keep pushing me and I will light a fuse
That you can not stop.
Dear Mr. Spacemen…The Good, The Bad,
The Grey, The Green…and you Fur Faces
As well…
We may seem like simple ordinary beings
In your eyes…
But there are some of us here who will
Make a difference.
So why don’t you get your act together and
Do the right thing for a change before it’s
Too late.
Lastly, I am sharing with you my artwork,
The Fair Lady…to remember the Tuatha.
I’m cutting prices on these future pieces to $500.00 each
To get more original artwork out there.
Peace to Everyone.
That’s all for now.
Melpomene Chantal 2009

Haunted Soul :~ An excerpt from a short story

It had to be now!

This was her chance of escape!
A shaft of sunlight streaked across the bed from the open curtain. She looked at him as he lay peacefully on top of the covers. She took what she hoped would be her final glance at his beautiful, tanned face.

His jet black shoulder length hair fanned out untidily on the pillow. Long lashes hiding the amber eyes that could melt your heart with just one look. That seemed so long ago now as images of happier times floated into her mind.

They no longer held the sparks of fire that used to dance in them.

The haunted soul that looked through them now was crazed, wild and very dangerous. His brown arms lay behind his head and on the inside of his forearm she could see the tattoo of her name.

He was even more striking than Johnny Depp. The uncanny resemblance had earned him a second nickname ‘Jack Sparrow’ which also described his devil-may-care personality and appearance.

His other name was pronounced (Sh)Chow eesh which meant Cobra in English. He had acquired this over a period of time and now it was very obvious why!
Suddenly he shifted position, briefly his eyelashes flickered open.


Her already pounding heart threatened to burst out from her chest. She could feel the pulsing and beating inside her throat. Frozen in terror, she waited for the inevitable. His eyes appeared to be looking directly at her through an unseeing glaze but then slowly closed back into sleep.

She let out a gasp not realising that she’d stopped breathing. Beads of perspiration appeared on her forehead. She willed her heart to stop beating so loudly and worried that he may hear it too and wake up.

“You can do this!” “ You have to!” She told herself.

Moving towards the bed, pausing after each step, waiting and hoping he would not stir. Nausea was rising in the back of her throat. This wasn’t happening, it was crazy, it was just a bad dream! Any minute she would wake from it. This only happens in the movies, not to real people!
Sheer terror took over her body and it shook as she edged closer to the side of the bed . The tip of the keys to the apartment were just visibly sticking out of the front pocket of his jeans. He always kept them on him now, so that he could make sure the door was locked at all times leaving her stuck inside.
In the hours that she was left alone, she wrestled with the drastic idea of throwing the spare mattress out of the window to the ground, one storey below, making a softer landing for her. It was a terrifying prospect. It was not your average building.

Each floor was tall and it seemed an incredibly big drop. The mattress was very heavy and she didn’t know if she could lift it. She was weak and her body ached and was still covered in bruises.
She held her breath again as she now stood over him. Watching the gentle rise and fall of his chest, her hand trembled as she reached out to ease the tip of the key from out of his pocket between her finger and thumb. She could hear the noise of her heart pounding wildly in her ears .

Please don’t wake up!

She bit into her bottom lip and tasted the blood as she prepared for the worst. Praying they wouldn’t make a noise, she drew them out. He didn’t move, his handsome face almost appeared to smile as he slept on, unknowing of this theft.
Just a little bit more, almost there. She had them! Wrapping her fingers tightly around them so as to muffle any noise that they would have made. She swallowed. Walking backwards slowly she made for the bedroom door. Running across the hall she grabbed her handbag from the table, opened the front door to the apartment , turned the key and locked it behind her!
What on earth was she doing?

She had hardly any money on her and he had taken her passport and phone. Where would she go?

What would she do?

She couldn’t go to the police, they were corrupt and he’d paid them off already. There was no time to think about that. She jumped down the stairs two at a time leading to the ground floor. On opening the heavy wooden front door to outside and freedom, the heat of the midday sun hit her.

The street outside was dusty and the grass on the opposite verge was parched from the recent drought. A vague smell of drains clung to the air.
Checking to see that no one recognizable from his cronies was around she stepped out into the daylight. Flip flops was not a good idea to make a quick getaway in. But that was the least of her worries.

She had a few Dinar, the local currency, in her purse. Enough to get a ride in one of those funny little taxi buses. As far away from here as possible. She turned right onto the deserted street , took off her flip flops and clutching her bag tightly she ran! She ran as if her very life depended on it.

The truth of the matter is that it did!

When she found freedom she would forget him and everything that had happened to her.

She would bury the past .

For him it would be different, he would be reminded every day.

A brief smile touched her lips as she remembered the tattoo.

An Adventure in the Congo (THE FINAL CHAPTER) The Party. The Drunken Sentinel. Going Home!

Part 18
” You’re going home! ” Dad announced out of the blue.

On his usual return home over a lunchtime and before his customary nap came this bombshell!

“Your mum and I have decided that it’s becoming far too dangerous for you to be here and that you are to go home with Louise and stay with Auntie Freda”

I was shocked.

I’d overheard on several occasions, mum and dad talking about things about the situation here.
It was far beyond my understanding of the politics here in the Congo and I was blissfully unaware of what was going on around me. But apparently the situation here was decidedly dodgy.

” You’ve always wanted to go to boarding school and this is what is going to happen, until such time as your mum and I can come back to England permanently”.

Boarding school??!!

Wow! Now this was exciting!
It’s true I’d always wanted to go, having read so many adventure stories from my library of books.

Could this be happening?!

Mum and dad had already contacted Auntie Freda, their close friend and she was going to look into
suitable schools for me.

And I was to leave with Louise on her return to this new job in London.


There was to be a huge party!!!

A celebration of Louise and I leaving and whereby all our friends could come and see us off.

It was all happening very quickly.


It was a beautiful warm moonlit evening, the scent of Frangipani heavy in the air.
All the doors of the house were open and exterior lights were on.

Vincent in his poncho was marching up and down the drive with a stick over his shoulder ready and waiting to direct arriving cars of our guests. He looked very ridiculous but he was having lots of fun.

A table had been set up in the hall by the entrance, laden with drinks of all description and was being manned by Dzio to serve peopple as they came in.
Michel had been drafted in, Terry and Odettes chef to help with the catering.


In the dining room the table had been beautifully prepared with Michel’s buffet.

The dogs were running around excitedly and music was playing from Louises record player.
Rod Stewart was belting out Maggie May.
The atmosphere was great and the guests started to arrive.

images (10)

Martine arrived with her family as did many other people from the factory and the house soon filled up despite all our space.
Martine was happy to be partying but sad to hear that I was leaving. We’d grown exceedingly close and she was like a sister to me.

The alcohol was flowing and the dancing started.

Martine and I were DeeJaying and totally in charge of what was played.

Vincent was doing a grand job of directing traffic outside, adopting a very superior and authorative role, with his stick and marching up and down some more, to make sure each car was in its place. He was actually very drunk!

Unbeknownst to mum and dad, the alcohol wasnt just flowing upstairs, it was flowing downstairs as well.
The staff including Vincent were helping themselves to the dregs of the guests glasses and were having a party all of their own!

It didnt matter, the evening was a huge success, it went on till the early hours and even Martine and I were allowed to stay up for the duration.

It has to be said that Vincents direction of guests leaving in their cars at the end of the party was not as efficient as it was upon their arrival!!



We were finally leaving this beautiful and charming country and taking with us some treasured memories, ones which so few could ever hope to experience.

All packed and ready to go except for my toys which would come later.

Mum and dad were waving like mad from the airport lounge window as Louise and I boarded the KLM flight home.
I didn’t know when I’d see them again.
I would miss my beloved Tina. She would be coming home too but would have to endure quarantine back home in England.
I was going to have to stay with mum and dads friends till they sent me to school, who knows where in the coming September.
Then I would be starting a whole new adventure at boarding school.


Kinshasa, The World.

Time: now

Dear Lindsay

You’ll never guess what?!!

I’m coming home!
Yes, you red that correcktly!
By the time you get this leter, I will be back in england.
Cant wait to visit you and we can go sliding down the Lea on cardboard boxes again and go to Claytons sweet shop.


An Adventure in The Congo (contd) The menagerie. Clint Eastwood. Deadly beetles!

Part 17

Vincent the night watchman was a very funny character.
He was short, no more than five foot one, quite skinny and was always seen
wearing a multi coloured striped poncho and a straw hat. He looked very much like Clint Eastwood in the Spaghetti Westerns but without the rifle.
He spent alot of time in our cellar which was also accessed via the garden and had no doors from the outside.
Mum didnt seem to mind that he kept chickens down there!

He always seemed quite merry but maybe that was because he might have smoked Ganja!


Some time ago friends had given us a young cat which we adopted into our family.

Tina loved Pippa, the name we gave her.
When Tina slept on the rug the cat could be found nestled next to her tummy. When she was small she used to carry her around by the scruff of the neck like she was one of her puppies she never had.
Pippa went on to have 3 kittens, which was a bit of a shock.
Vincent had found her with them in his man-cave below the house.

Two were tortoiseshell and one ginger. Dad named them Pippa2, Susie and Bandy Gandy, he was the ginger tom. He named him that because of his bandy legs.
I thought it was the stupidest name i had ever heard!

download (7)

Prior to the kittens arrival we had also acquired two huge Dobermans, Rover and Maxim.
They belonged to some Belgian friends of dads who had gone home on leave for a couple of weeks, we had the space and agreed to look after them while they were away.

Rover was a battle scarred veteran, very soft and gentle despite his past warrior behaviour
and Maxim was a feisty young and full of bounce. They got on well with Tina who accepted them into her home.

The kittens on the otherhand were another story!

All three dogs would hug the walls of the lounge as they tried to enter if the kittens were holding court in there.
They would creep very slowly as if they couldnt see them. They were terrified of these small balls of fluff!
Two fierce Dobermans and an Alsation were totally put in their place!

Bandy Gandy would rush up to the dogs arching his back and leaping as he closed in on them, trying to make himself look as big and ferocious as possible. It was hysterically funny. The dogs would then run for cover back out in the hall.

images (9)


One day mum made a very kind gesture and gave one of the kittens to Dzio as a gift for him and his family.
Dzio came back the following morning and announced to mum that his wife had told him to tell ‘Madam’ thank you very much and that they had all enjoyed the kitten!
They had cooked it!
That is all i am going to say about that as it traumatised me for weeks after and needless to say Dzio received nothing but glares from me and I avoided him permanently having gone down in my estimation from then on


I was by the window one afternoon checking on Fred and Ginge, who were still there….alive and kicking even after mum emptying the contents of her hairspray on them.
Louise had come in the lounge and was chatting to mum.
She’d received news from England.
Before coming to Kinshasa she had attended an interview for an airline to be an air hostess.
It was a lengthy process but she had finally been accepted to go and train with them down in London.
It was very exciting news and she would be leaving Africa very soon to go back home.


There was a strange phenomenon on the verandah one evening. The outside lights were on and flocking to get to the light were these huge flying beetles!
We were warned not to go near these as they were very dangerous.
Apparently if they landed on you and you tried to get them off, they would leave their legs stuck in you!

I have no idea if this was true or not or something made up by Dzio to sound dramatic!
The only thing that would get them off was fire or a lighted cigarette.
They made a loud noise as they slammed themselves into the walls of the house and would fall to the ground. Sometimes they would land on their backs and not be able to turn themselves over again.
I tentatively used to use a long stick from a distance and turn them back over again. These insects were probably the only things I was really quite scared of, nothing else really bothered me.


An Adventure in the Congo (contd) Harmony Hairspray. ‘Fred & Ginge’. Rollerskates.

Part 16

Gertie the gecko was watching me as she made her way to the central light fixture
on the ceiling.
She seemed to be resident in my bedroom for the past couple of weeks.
No idea how she got into the house as the mesh on the inside of the windows kept out most unwanted visitors.
Perhaps she came in from the cellar off the kitchen or in through the front doors which we often kept open.
I was getting the rest of my personal belongings out of my trunk so I could then dispense with it and it could be put in the cellar out of the way.

Right at the very bottom under Henry Hippo, my green furry hippopothamus were my roller skates.

I shrieked with delight, I had forgotten I had even packed them.

They would be perfect for a day like today!

It was unbelievably hot and humid, the sky looked ominous, black clouds were gathering and it was trying to rain.
I wondered if they still fitted me as I excitedly put them on over my shoes.

They did! Awesome!

It took me a couple of seconds to adjust and balance myself, which I did, then I opened my bedroom door.

I had a clear run of corridor and propelled myself slowly at first to where the corridor took a right turn.
The noise they made on the surface of the marble floor was very loud and echoed in the emptiness of the corridor.
Losing my balance slightly as I whirled into the hall.
No one was about so I skated into the lounge.

Did a couple of laps around the room at the back of both sofas which were facing each other.
This was great!
My confidence grew as I got better and better.

Tina rushed in from out of the garden to see what the noise was and chased after me as I did another lap, barking and trying to bite my feet.
I whizzed out through the patio doors and onto the verandah where I came to a fancy stop by doing a circular movement.

Mum and dad followed Tina in from the garden as they could hear her barking.
They arrived just in time to see me disappear sideways, waving at them, down the corridor to the bedrooms, hands on hips with my feel splayed to the side, heels together, gliding like a professional. With Tina’s teeth firmly gripping one of the laces from the skates and barking like a mad dog!


Later that day, mum and dad were busy in the kitchen preparing a nice meal, Dzio was off as it was weekend and I was entertaining myself on one of the reclining chairs.
I was releasing the handle to put me in a horizontal position. The chair had its back to the patio doors which were open.
I mustve released the knob too quickly as the whole chair reclined with a jolt and threw me backwards. Legs in the air, my shoe flew off and jettisoned over my head and through the verandah railings into the garden below!

Whilst retrieving it outside I looked up to one of the lounge windows.
There in the top right corner on the inside of the mesh were two of the biggest spiders in the whole world and they were in our lounge!

How come I hadnt noticed them?!
One was orange and the other was a lime green with spots on and very long legs!
Their bodies were massive, almost an inch in diameter.
I ran inside whilst trying to get my shoe on to tell mum and dad about the deadly spiders.
On hearing my out of breath news they came out of the kitchen to go and inspect this latest invasion.
Tentatively we approached the window and there they were nestled with web around them.
They seemed even bigger up close!

images (7)images (8)
They were alive, as one of them twitched slightly which made us all jump!

” Do something Roy! ” Mum said in alarm.
Dad didnt want to ‘do’ anything! He just stared at them.
“We cant leave them there!”
” No thats true, we cant” He replied, but still not moving.
Mum disappeared off to her bedroom and came back with the ultimate spider repellent.
A tall blue can of Harmony hairspray!
“Stand back! ” She commanded authoritatively.
We did.
She proceeded to unleash half the contents of the hairspray at arms length towards the unwitting spiders!
They moved slightly as we held our breath waiting for a reaction.
There was none.
Maybe she’d glued them stuck?!

download (6)

They decided to keep their eye on them in the meantime but wait for Dzio to come back and he would know what to do.
I didnt want them to be sprayed with hairspray and hoped Dzio could somehow get them in a jar and put them outside. but we certainly werent going to attempt it!
After continued assaults with Harmony over the course of the weekend, Fred and Ginge as I had named them had perhaps gone into hibernation or maybe they were ‘high’ from the fumes as they refused to budge or die as mum had hoped.
Thoughts of spiders soon went out of our minds as night approached and something way more frightening was looming!


There was a lovely unusual breeze coming from the verandah which was so welcome on this uncomfortably hot evening.

” I think its going to rain” Dad announced cheerily.

Understatement of the year!

There was an almighty ‘Crack!!’ followed by a blinding flash and the heavens opened!

What an awesome sight it was. We watched the storm from the patio. Multiple streaks of forked lightening on the horizon and shafts of rain coming from various black clouds as it fell over the valley.
The thunder was staggeringly loud and quite frightening but exciting at the same time.
The rain was lashing down now as the storm was approaching us. The wind was getting up and mum and dad decided to close the patio doors as it was really quite strong.
The flashes became more frequent and we waited for the ensuing bang which came immediately.
The storm was nearly overhead.
The trees beyond the garden were bending over with the force of the wind and being pummelled by the torrent of rain that was now hammering down.
The patio doors flew open in a huge gust and dad ran to shut them. They would not stay shut!
The intensity of what seemed like hurricane was amazing.
Dad leaned against the doors but they pushed him back as the storm tried to get in.
He pushed a chair up against the door.
The wind blew even harder and again the doors blew open and the chair was
forced away.
One four seater sofa and two chairs later dad had barricaded the patio doors and we even sat on them to stop the force from opening the doors!
It worked.
We sat out the remainder of this powerful event and watched from the windows in awe.
It was tremendously exciting.

images (6)


Ma Campagne
The Jungle

Time: Now

Dear Lindsay

Sorry not writed for a bit. Thanks for Bubbly gum for cristmus.
The new house is a gigantic palace and lounge is size of cricket pitch. Not kiddin!
We got two dedly poisonous spiders called Fred and Ginge, mum bin spraying them
with hairspray, they not ded yet.
I’m awesome at roller skating and pracktice alot.
We almost died in an amazin’ tornado other night, nearly took roof off house!
Getting a cat soon. Mum said.
Got a pet lizard called Gertie, she’s like really tame and eats from my hand.
Got to go, got to have a bath. Borin!

An Adventure in the Congo (contd) ‘Ma Campagne’ The football pitch! A storm brewing.

Part 15

Finally the furniture had arrived!
It had come in a shipping container which had then been unloaded and taken by van to our brand new and final house.
The area was called Ma Campagne and was a little further out of Kinshasa than the previous place we were in.
The house had just been finished being built. It was surrounded by a few other houses but at some distance away.
The road leading to the property was a definite sandy dirt track this time full of troughs and potholes.
It would be finished at a later time.


( A similar house)
Dad took it steadily on the drive down to the house. It stood in an elevated position with stunning panoramic views over the land heading towards Kinshasa.
In an evening time amongst the lights in the distance, the runway lights at the airport would also be clearly seen.
The immediate landscape beyond the walls of the garden was given over to bush rather than rolling hills.
It was still a beautiful view.
The grounds of this house were very extensive but mainly uncultivated and consisted of soil and rubble yet again.
Wrought iron railings adorned the tops of the walls at the front and huge metal gates provided entrance.
The house was set back and lower to the level of the road and there was a brick block drive which led down hill which swept up to the front entrance and then carried on down to a garage area underneath the main building.
It was staggeringly huge!
About 10-15 steps and an ornate balustrade led up to large white double doors with arched glass inserts.
All the floors were marble and the place echoed. The hall was square and spacious.
To the right a door led into the kitchen and utility and access to the cellar and garage. Adjacent to that was a door to the dining room.
To the left was a guest bathroom and door to the bedrooms, five of them and four bathrooms.
We had a bathroom each, how incredibly bizarre!

Straight ahead were double doors which led into the biggest lounge I had ever seen!
It was as a big as a netball court!
At a guess it was near to 35-40 foot long from left to right and two huge windows with bars on the outside and there was mesh inside when you opened them so as to not let insects in.


To the right of the lounge were large patio doors which led onto a square covered and railed verandah with the fabulous views over the valley.
Mum was ecstatic! We were all a little in awe of the place.
Mum and dad were inspecting their furniture that they had chosen from the uk which was all beautifully in situe even down to wardrobes in the bedrooms.
The dining room had an imposing and very regal rosewood table on two elegant pedastals with clawed feet and eight chairs, two of which had arm rests and were positioned at either end.
There was such a shine on it that you could see your face in it. I knew this because I had bent low over it to check myself out.
On one wall was a long cabinet in rosewood which had a thick marble slab on top. Resting on the top was a silver tray with silver coffee pot, sugar basin, tongues and cream jug.

The cabinet glass inserts in the doors and behind was mums dinner service all neatly stacked and displayed.
Looking rather grand on top of the table were two silver candleabras.
In one corner was what mum called a hostess trolley, it was like a cabinet with hotplates in it for keeping food hot when you had guests.

Mum and dad were very pleased with their choice but it wasn’t to my taste, but then I didn’t know what my taste was really. It all seemed a bit over the top for me and I felt anxious about sitting at the table in case it got scratched.
On the football pitch was a large low coffee table, two black leather four seater sofas, I didnt know they made sofas this huge! To complete the set were two velvet reclining chairs which of course i couldnt wait to test out!
There was a fireplace at the left hand end of the room and a rug infront of it.

On further inspection on the rest of the house, the beds were all in place with bedding on that mum had bought and wardrobes were up and ready to use.
I was still puzzling about all these bathrooms and why there was so many, none of them were ‘ensuite’, they were all just off the corridor in the bedroom wing.
Tina was having so much fun, running from room to room following us around the house as we explored it.
My belongings had also arrived in a small trunk, toys, games and my books, I loved my books.
It was so nice to be able to place them in my bedroom to make it feel a little like home. Although it wasn’t really. I missed carpet, I wasn’t fond of tiled floors.
Louise’s record player had arrived too, we could have music! I had my own records which I had collected and couldnt wait to put them on full blast!

In each bedroom was an air conditioning unit on the wall under the window, bliss! We would put these on about half an hour before bed so atleast sleep would be bearable and not too hot.
We gained some new staff here, the cook was called Dzio.
He was very tall and slim and had facial markings that I’d seen before. He also had something curious about his teeth. The two front teeth had been filed to form an upside down ‘V’ which fascinated me and I would stare at him quite a bit in the early days.
He was very friendly, mum liked him straight away and I had no doubt that she would ferret out all the information about his family members and his life before too long.
He didnt speak english but mum had grown in confidence with her ‘pidgeon french’ and they got on incredibly well.
He was the best chef of all and his banana fritters were to die for!
The night watchman or the ‘Sentinel’ as they are known was another kettle of fish!!
It was the rainy season and the weather was even more humid than normal and it wouldnt be long before we would experience the storm of the century!


An Adventure in the Congo (contd) Who shot the snake?! Doing the Funky Chicken! The Disco.

Part 14

Christmas came and went and was pretty much a non event. Friends and family sent gifts from home which was lovely but it just wasn’t the same. We made the best of it that we could.
One of the highlights during this time was a visit to a colleague of dads. It was a party and a barbecue at which alot of our friends were also attending.
He lived in a smallish detached bungalow in well established and secluded grounds.
The garden was awash with colour from beautiful plants and shrubs, a large lawned area and a fair selection of large trees. The bungalow had double doors as the entrance which were wide open for this occasion.
A member of his staff was in the garden at the barbecue cooking an array of food, the smells were delicious and mixed with the familiar smell of burning charcoal.
Drinks were flowing and there was a large punch bowl full of floating fruit.
Music was blaring from inside the house and some people were already dancing on the marble floor.
It was noisy, people were laughing and generally having a good time.
John, the host of the party wanted to show us something on our arrival and led us down the garden to one of his large trees.
There draped over one of the branches was the largest snake I had ever seen in my life!
Or what was left of it!

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The outer scaly skin of what wouldve been a huge snake was all that remained. Its body probably measured about a foot in circumference!
I stood there with my mouth open.
Why was its outer skin just left, what had happened to all its insides?
John relayed the story to us that it had come in his garden and was believed to be venomous and one of his staff shot it with a gun!
I was a little horrified and upset by this but maybe its the only thing that couldve happened to ensure everyones safety.
What happened later was the snake was put over a tree branch, I have no idea why but maybe this might explain it. Over the following day or two, ants and other creatures had completely devoured the internal body of the snake! Natures way of dealing with things. So it seemed John’s member of staff knew what he was doing by leaving it in the tree.
Inside the house Martine and I were studying a series of boxed framed pictures on the walls. Inside these displays were real life butterflies. About 6 to a box depending on the sizes.
They were the most beautiful butterflies I had ever seen! None of which I had ever come across in England. The colours were spectacular, shades of emerald green turquoise, purples and yellows. Some with long fancy shaped tail bits on their wings.
They were fixed to the boards with a pin through their body. This I didnt like at all but they were already dead so all I could do was admire them.
I pondered not on how John had caught them or what happened next, I pushed it out of my mind.
Regardless of that Martine and I were in awe and fascinated by them and their beauty.


Our attention strayed to Johns daughter.
She was about 18 and had been in charge of the music.
She had just changed the record to a very lively number and then proceeded to take control of the dance floor.
We watched her and giggled behind our hands as she started dancing. I can only describe it as soom kind of deranged headless chicken routine!
She mustve been on the punch.
We were hysterical.
Luckily she was unaware that we were laughing.
Martine and I copied her dance moves spectacularly well but with added exaggeration for effect.
We attracted some glances from fellow guests who looked on with amusement as they could see that we were mimicking her.


New Years Eve there was a big party at the Okapi Hotel some miles away. It was a big swanky place with a pool and on the lower ground floor there was a night club and discotheque.

For some reason I was allowed to go.

Chaperoned by Louise. It was only the young people going, mum and dad weren’t attending nor any of the other parents.
I wore my best dress that grandma had made for me, it was gypsy style with a white blouse under the main bodice and laced up front. I felt amazing and very grown up.
Louise looked very glam with her furry eyelashes, hair styled to perfection and wearing a short stripey number.

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Dad took us in the car to pick up Dominique from her house.
Two other girls were also in the car, daughters of some friends.
Odette, Martine and Dominique came out of the house to meet us as we pulled up in the drive.
I was very excited but also very sad and felt quite guilty that I was going to this place.
Martine was not allowed to come.
Even a gap of 12 to 18 months makes all the difference I suppose when youre young and her mum didnt want her to go.
I was devastated for her. Dominique got in the car and we all waved as we drove away.
She never once displayed her sadness or disappointment that she wasn’t coming with us.

Instead she waved back excitedly back, shouting that she hoped we all had a good time, as dad’s tail lights of the car disappeared out of the drive and headed into the night.