An Adventure in the Congo (contd) Harmony Hairspray. ‘Fred & Ginge’. Rollerskates.

Part 16

Gertie the gecko was watching me as she made her way to the central light fixture
on the ceiling.
She seemed to be resident in my bedroom for the past couple of weeks.
No idea how she got into the house as the mesh on the inside of the windows kept out most unwanted visitors.
Perhaps she came in from the cellar off the kitchen or in through the front doors which we often kept open.
I was getting the rest of my personal belongings out of my trunk so I could then dispense with it and it could be put in the cellar out of the way.

Right at the very bottom under Henry Hippo, my green furry hippopothamus were my roller skates.

I shrieked with delight, I had forgotten I had even packed them.

They would be perfect for a day like today!

It was unbelievably hot and humid, the sky looked ominous, black clouds were gathering and it was trying to rain.
I wondered if they still fitted me as I excitedly put them on over my shoes.

They did! Awesome!

It took me a couple of seconds to adjust and balance myself, which I did, then I opened my bedroom door.

I had a clear run of corridor and propelled myself slowly at first to where the corridor took a right turn.
The noise they made on the surface of the marble floor was very loud and echoed in the emptiness of the corridor.
Losing my balance slightly as I whirled into the hall.
No one was about so I skated into the lounge.

Did a couple of laps around the room at the back of both sofas which were facing each other.
This was great!
My confidence grew as I got better and better.

Tina rushed in from out of the garden to see what the noise was and chased after me as I did another lap, barking and trying to bite my feet.
I whizzed out through the patio doors and onto the verandah where I came to a fancy stop by doing a circular movement.

Mum and dad followed Tina in from the garden as they could hear her barking.
They arrived just in time to see me disappear sideways, waving at them, down the corridor to the bedrooms, hands on hips with my feel splayed to the side, heels together, gliding like a professional. With Tina’s teeth firmly gripping one of the laces from the skates and barking like a mad dog!


Later that day, mum and dad were busy in the kitchen preparing a nice meal, Dzio was off as it was weekend and I was entertaining myself on one of the reclining chairs.
I was releasing the handle to put me in a horizontal position. The chair had its back to the patio doors which were open.
I mustve released the knob too quickly as the whole chair reclined with a jolt and threw me backwards. Legs in the air, my shoe flew off and jettisoned over my head and through the verandah railings into the garden below!

Whilst retrieving it outside I looked up to one of the lounge windows.
There in the top right corner on the inside of the mesh were two of the biggest spiders in the whole world and they were in our lounge!

How come I hadnt noticed them?!
One was orange and the other was a lime green with spots on and very long legs!
Their bodies were massive, almost an inch in diameter.
I ran inside whilst trying to get my shoe on to tell mum and dad about the deadly spiders.
On hearing my out of breath news they came out of the kitchen to go and inspect this latest invasion.
Tentatively we approached the window and there they were nestled with web around them.
They seemed even bigger up close!

images (7)images (8)
They were alive, as one of them twitched slightly which made us all jump!

” Do something Roy! ” Mum said in alarm.
Dad didnt want to ‘do’ anything! He just stared at them.
“We cant leave them there!”
” No thats true, we cant” He replied, but still not moving.
Mum disappeared off to her bedroom and came back with the ultimate spider repellent.
A tall blue can of Harmony hairspray!
“Stand back! ” She commanded authoritatively.
We did.
She proceeded to unleash half the contents of the hairspray at arms length towards the unwitting spiders!
They moved slightly as we held our breath waiting for a reaction.
There was none.
Maybe she’d glued them stuck?!

download (6)

They decided to keep their eye on them in the meantime but wait for Dzio to come back and he would know what to do.
I didnt want them to be sprayed with hairspray and hoped Dzio could somehow get them in a jar and put them outside. but we certainly werent going to attempt it!
After continued assaults with Harmony over the course of the weekend, Fred and Ginge as I had named them had perhaps gone into hibernation or maybe they were ‘high’ from the fumes as they refused to budge or die as mum had hoped.
Thoughts of spiders soon went out of our minds as night approached and something way more frightening was looming!


There was a lovely unusual breeze coming from the verandah which was so welcome on this uncomfortably hot evening.

” I think its going to rain” Dad announced cheerily.

Understatement of the year!

There was an almighty ‘Crack!!’ followed by a blinding flash and the heavens opened!

What an awesome sight it was. We watched the storm from the patio. Multiple streaks of forked lightening on the horizon and shafts of rain coming from various black clouds as it fell over the valley.
The thunder was staggeringly loud and quite frightening but exciting at the same time.
The rain was lashing down now as the storm was approaching us. The wind was getting up and mum and dad decided to close the patio doors as it was really quite strong.
The flashes became more frequent and we waited for the ensuing bang which came immediately.
The storm was nearly overhead.
The trees beyond the garden were bending over with the force of the wind and being pummelled by the torrent of rain that was now hammering down.
The patio doors flew open in a huge gust and dad ran to shut them. They would not stay shut!
The intensity of what seemed like hurricane was amazing.
Dad leaned against the doors but they pushed him back as the storm tried to get in.
He pushed a chair up against the door.
The wind blew even harder and again the doors blew open and the chair was
forced away.
One four seater sofa and two chairs later dad had barricaded the patio doors and we even sat on them to stop the force from opening the doors!
It worked.
We sat out the remainder of this powerful event and watched from the windows in awe.
It was tremendously exciting.

images (6)


Ma Campagne
The Jungle

Time: Now

Dear Lindsay

Sorry not writed for a bit. Thanks for Bubbly gum for cristmus.
The new house is a gigantic palace and lounge is size of cricket pitch. Not kiddin!
We got two dedly poisonous spiders called Fred and Ginge, mum bin spraying them
with hairspray, they not ded yet.
I’m awesome at roller skating and pracktice alot.
We almost died in an amazin’ tornado other night, nearly took roof off house!
Getting a cat soon. Mum said.
Got a pet lizard called Gertie, she’s like really tame and eats from my hand.
Got to go, got to have a bath. Borin!


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