Haunted Soul :~ An excerpt from a short story

It had to be now!

This was her chance of escape!
A shaft of sunlight streaked across the bed from the open curtain. She looked at him as he lay peacefully on top of the covers. She took what she hoped would be her final glance at his beautiful, tanned face.

His jet black shoulder length hair fanned out untidily on the pillow. Long lashes hiding the amber eyes that could melt your heart with just one look. That seemed so long ago now as images of happier times floated into her mind.

They no longer held the sparks of fire that used to dance in them.

The haunted soul that looked through them now was crazed, wild and very dangerous. His brown arms lay behind his head and on the inside of his forearm she could see the tattoo of her name.

He was even more striking than Johnny Depp. The uncanny resemblance had earned him a second nickname ‘Jack Sparrow’ which also described his devil-may-care personality and appearance.

His other name was pronounced (Sh)Chow eesh which meant Cobra in English. He had acquired this over a period of time and now it was very obvious why!
Suddenly he shifted position, briefly his eyelashes flickered open.


Her already pounding heart threatened to burst out from her chest. She could feel the pulsing and beating inside her throat. Frozen in terror, she waited for the inevitable. His eyes appeared to be looking directly at her through an unseeing glaze but then slowly closed back into sleep.

She let out a gasp not realising that she’d stopped breathing. Beads of perspiration appeared on her forehead. She willed her heart to stop beating so loudly and worried that he may hear it too and wake up.

“You can do this!” “ You have to!” She told herself.

Moving towards the bed, pausing after each step, waiting and hoping he would not stir. Nausea was rising in the back of her throat. This wasn’t happening, it was crazy, it was just a bad dream! Any minute she would wake from it. This only happens in the movies, not to real people!
Sheer terror took over her body and it shook as she edged closer to the side of the bed . The tip of the keys to the apartment were just visibly sticking out of the front pocket of his jeans. He always kept them on him now, so that he could make sure the door was locked at all times leaving her stuck inside.
In the hours that she was left alone, she wrestled with the drastic idea of throwing the spare mattress out of the window to the ground, one storey below, making a softer landing for her. It was a terrifying prospect. It was not your average building.

Each floor was tall and it seemed an incredibly big drop. The mattress was very heavy and she didn’t know if she could lift it. She was weak and her body ached and was still covered in bruises.
She held her breath again as she now stood over him. Watching the gentle rise and fall of his chest, her hand trembled as she reached out to ease the tip of the key from out of his pocket between her finger and thumb. She could hear the noise of her heart pounding wildly in her ears .

Please don’t wake up!

She bit into her bottom lip and tasted the blood as she prepared for the worst. Praying they wouldn’t make a noise, she drew them out. He didn’t move, his handsome face almost appeared to smile as he slept on, unknowing of this theft.
Just a little bit more, almost there. She had them! Wrapping her fingers tightly around them so as to muffle any noise that they would have made. She swallowed. Walking backwards slowly she made for the bedroom door. Running across the hall she grabbed her handbag from the table, opened the front door to the apartment , turned the key and locked it behind her!
What on earth was she doing?

She had hardly any money on her and he had taken her passport and phone. Where would she go?

What would she do?

She couldn’t go to the police, they were corrupt and he’d paid them off already. There was no time to think about that. She jumped down the stairs two at a time leading to the ground floor. On opening the heavy wooden front door to outside and freedom, the heat of the midday sun hit her.

The street outside was dusty and the grass on the opposite verge was parched from the recent drought. A vague smell of drains clung to the air.
Checking to see that no one recognizable from his cronies was around she stepped out into the daylight. Flip flops was not a good idea to make a quick getaway in. But that was the least of her worries.

She had a few Dinar, the local currency, in her purse. Enough to get a ride in one of those funny little taxi buses. As far away from here as possible. She turned right onto the deserted street , took off her flip flops and clutching her bag tightly she ran! She ran as if her very life depended on it.

The truth of the matter is that it did!

When she found freedom she would forget him and everything that had happened to her.

She would bury the past .

For him it would be different, he would be reminded every day.

A brief smile touched her lips as she remembered the tattoo.


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