Paranormal activity, Poltergeist?

Paranormal activity, Poltergeist?
One morning my daughter came downstairs in a bit of a panic.
She explained that she had left her mobile phone by her bed before going to sleep.
(not good I know!) But anyway, she said that when she woke up her phone
was no longer on the table and it was actually in her bed under the covers!
The screen had cracked, there were in excess of 90 missed calls from an unknown number
but worst of all it was covered in some kind of white-ish transparent sticky gunk substance,
like something out of Ghostbusters!
This was not the only paranormal occurrence in this house. Myself and my daughter could
blow lightbulbs almost at will to the point it was a joke.
Two entities took over my body on two separate occasions resulting in my calling on the skills and experience of an 80 year old exorcist to get rid of them.
One man who attached himself to me, had hung himself off one of the beams in the house and that resulted in me experiencing severe neck pain.
The other was a young woman who was involved in a love triangle and she committed suicide after a broken heart.
The house was on a geopathic stress grid, criss-crossing Ley lines which was practically Ghost highway heaven! We also discovered a portal in the cellar where they were coming in from.
We had a Priest Hole behind the chimney breast in the master bedroom but accessing it to have a look inside wouldve meant ripping out the wall. So we never did. Dont know if the man who hung himself could have hidden himself at one point inside this hideaway.
At the exact time of the exorcism, my two dogs, a German Shepherd and a Weimaraner went absolutely crazy barking up at the ceiling.
But probably the weirdest episode was the mobile phone. A ghost trying to physically manifest? Hence the ectoplasm….who knows.
I would be interested to hear from anyone who has similar or equally weird goings-on.


2 thoughts on “Paranormal activity, Poltergeist?

  1. I was at a Talk a month ago at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh when this very phenomenon was being discussed, how entities in the spirit world are able to access modern technology and use social media and other communications. I wonder who these “missed calls” were coming from… and from where… 😕

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